THESIS Project: SVA Interaction Design

How might we leverage AR to teach abstract physics concepts to high school students?



9th graders in NYC public schools are all currently required to take physics classes, where students learn introductory mechanics and kinematics concepts. However, these concepts are often abstract and difficult to connect with their formulas. Only a third of US 9th graders are considered proficient in science and math.  How might we help these students to understand how abstract concepts and their underlying formulas work?


Newton is an AR tool that teaches physics to 9th grade students through the exploration of formulas and collaborative games and activities. 



Scope: Sept 2018 to Present

Categories: UX Research, AR Design, Education Design, Game Design

Role: Individual Thesis Project

Tools: Google Cardboard, Vuforia, Unity, Sketch, Principle, Photoshop, Torch AR

Advisor: Latoye Adams (President of the Children’s Media Association)



*Please note that this year long project is still in progress. Please see some snapshots of my work so far, and find the most recent update of my work on Medium.


insert a formula card


choose an object and environment


Calculate force of gravity


manipulate variables


Exploration of AR controls

In addition to lessons and visualizations, I am doing explorations on methods of interaction that would allow students to manipulate characteristics such as mass, gravity, and friction. One possible interaction is a slider interaction, while another is to take an everyday object and create it into a dial.


This project is still a work in progress. Stay tuned for a more detailed case study and process book. I will also be presenting this project for a thesis defense and final exhibition and presentation in May 2019.