Microsoft Mixed REality: Summer Internship 2018

How might we use Mixed Reality to augment real world experiences?



For 12 weeks from June to August 2018, I interned for the Microsoft Mixed Reality incubation team in Seattle, helping to create and prototype mixed reality experiences in Augmented and Virtual Reality. Specifically, I worked specifically on designing experiences for the HoloLens.

Note: Due to the sensitive nature of this work and NDAs, I can not share any designs or specifics.



Scope: 12 weeks

Categories: UX Research, Product Design, 3D Prototyping

Role: One of four experience designers working together with a PM and two developers

Tools: Unity, Oculus Rift, HoloLens, Microsoft Maquette



High Level Learnings



I was given the opportunity to work together with a multidisciplinary team of designers, PMs, and developers on a project that would eventually drive the direction of the HoloLens product at Microsoft. Because I was able to work with the rest of the team, I was given the invaluable experience of collaborating with devs and a PM while working on a project that made impact to the organization. 



I had the unique opportunity to work in an incubation team. This meant that we were able to experience an entrepreneurial environment inside of a large company like Microsoft. Because of this, we worked in a very fast paced environment that focused on research and rapid prototyping, instead of focusing on single features.

noun_Light Bulb_1089624.png


Through synthesis of the team's research findings, our team created over a hundred 3D prototypes and scenarios.

Through careful filtering, we were able to choose the prototypes which would eventually be made into higher fidelity prototypes and ultimately ship. The prototypes were chosen through considering user and business need. 


Designing in 3d

I was able to learn a lot about designing for the 3D space instead of a 2D screen. At this internship, I was not only able to use 3D prototyping softwares and tools, but was also tasked with learning and considering the user experience and interactions in 3D augmented and virtual reality space. 


The experience

I had an amazing experience in Seattle over the summer, and had a great time integrating with the culture of the team. Special shoutout to my manager Dan Osborn and mentor Marcus Ghaly for being so awesome!