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NYC Media Lab x Associated Press Design Fellowship

How might we fit AR into the future of storytelling and journalism?



In January 2019, our team won a grant through the NYC Media Lab to work with the Associated Press to explore the future of AR in science news.

Working closely with journalists and digital media experts at the AP, we are specifically focusing on using AR to elevate the coverage of the 50th anniversary of the moon landing.

We are designing an experience which brings the reader to the iconic scene of Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the moon. This experience will be embedded into a narrative written by the AP.

*Please note that this project is still in progress. Please stop by our demo at the NYC Media Lab Spring Open House on April 11th to see more.


Scope: 10 weeks

Categories: Interaction Design, AR Prototyping, Storytelling

Role: One of four graduate designers working together with an AR developer and the AP Editorial Team.

Collaborators: Andy Kang, Jennifer Wei, Abhinav Sircar

Tools: Torch, Photoshop, Unity, Sketch, Figma